Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Billy's Birthday Morning Surprise!

My husband Billy's birthday was the other day, and I wanted to plan a morning around him since he always works so hard and does whatever I want and goes wherever I want to go. He usually doesn't make time for himself, so on his birthday, I felt it was time he did. I left my camera at home, so I could be more in the moment with Billy, and off we went.

It was a gorgeous day in Detroit, the sky was so blue I was convinced it was fake.

Their photo from the website gallery
Our first stop was brunch at Foran's Grand Trunk Pub. I had been researching brunch menus all week, and decided that Grand Trunk Pub had the most creative offerings on their menu, including Lobster Benedict, Lobster Omelettes, and Candied Duck Crepes. I was sure Billy would order the duck crepes, he is adventurous like that, but he didn't see it and ordered the Hillbilly Benedict. That is ok, it just gives us another reason to go back! I ordered the French Toast with Grand Marnier, and a mimosa. The food was wonderful, with the exception of the potatoes o'brien style, which were rather bland.

My photo
Our next stop was Shinola. My husband loves bikes, and has been wanting to make one. Shinola is this awesome company that makes expensive bikes and watches in Detroit. They recognized the great manufacturing that is in Detroit, and put the motor city to work making a completely different product, but with the same level of precision and expertise.  I love that they are putting Detroit back to work and making a future in Detroit. If you are interested in their story, read more about them here, and take a Google tour of their shop here.

We walked around their store on Canfield, and Billy thought he was in heaven. The bikes are gorgeous works of art, the watches rival any made in Switzerland, and the leather goods are so buttery soft and sumptuous. I didn't take any photos in fear of being booted from the store and my iPhone taken away, especially since there is a guard posted outside at the door. (I have since learned that they are absolutely fine with photos) To a bike lover, Shinola is a wonderland.  Even I couldn't help falling in love with the Bixby model, and although I am not a bike fanatic I can recognize quality. In pink please!

We ended the birthday tour at Astoria in Greektown. Astoria is an amazing bakery, with big glass cases as tall as me (ok, a little shorter) packed full of pastries, croissants, cookies and cakes. I told Billy to go crazy, and pick out whatever he wanted for his party that night, and of course something to eat right then. He picked out a dark chocolate forest torte for the party, and a ham and cheese croissant to eat. I picked out a strawberry croissant, which is my usual order there. I of course have no photos, because I lose my head when I get in there, but I have included a few photos from Tripadvisor. Next time I will definitely take my own, even if it is just with my iPhone, it feels weird to use other people's photos, even if  they are properly credited.

Photos of Astoria Pastry Shop, Detroit
This photo of Astoria Pastry Shop is courtesy of TripAdvisor Photos of Astoria Pastry Shop, Detroit
This photo of Astoria Pastry Shop is courtesy of TripAdvisor Photos of Astoria Pastry Shop, Detroit
This photo of Astoria Pastry Shop is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Billy said that he had a wonderful birthday morning in Detroit, and is still talking about our trip to Shinola. I however, am still thinking about the food!

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