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 A self proclaimed hippy-bohemian who likes to hike, take pictures, garden, and is up for almost anything. Big time reader. She dreams of living on a farm but one in the city would be the best. As long as she can have some chickens and a goat. A vegetarian not a vegan, she would not eat the chickens. Just their eggs. Erin also likes to hang out in the city visiting restaurants and drinking Havana Sours. Main and only photographer in her business, Gypsy Girl Photography. Yoga junkie and Sweet Tart minis addict. 


Animal rescuer, Spartan, lung expert in training, fledgling writer, oenophile, anglophile, runner, ponderer, nerd. She is a classy chick who cries over movies and books.  She dreams of living London and hanging out in pubs, although she hates ale. Pimms only for this girl!

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